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Build an launch your AI Sales Assistant in minutes.
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Your Next Hire Starts at $40 / month.

Training and hiring sales staff is expensive and difficult.
InboundBots can model any personality, any brand identity,
and any sales funnel—in any language.

Brand Aware

More casual in your sales approach? No problem. Your InboundBot looks at your brand and goals holistically.

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InboundBots adapt based on the client, your goals, your brand, and your sales funnel. They can respond in any language—at any time.

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Winning Personalities

Save time with an assistant that you can trust to represent your brand. No more watered-down AI bots.

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On Brand AI

Craft a persona that gets your brand, your customers, and your goals.

“We've actually worked with a lot of clients this past year with similar neck problems. Check out the blog post we wrote about it here. You can also schedule a free consultation with one of our physical therapists to see if we're a fit.”

Symmetry Physical Therapy
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“Great question. We source every ingredient from local farms in Pennsylvania.”

Loca Organics
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“Nuestra fundadora también es de Dallas. Si quieres, puedo programar tu llamada de demostración con ella.”

Slate Software
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“Lindsay's approach is a product of her unique background. She combines state of the art bio-feedback tooling with traditional Chinese medicine. Yin and yang, as they say.”

TCM by Lindsay Walton
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How it Works

Up and Running in Minutes

No coding, no AI knowledge, just a few questions.
Don't pay until you're ready to launch.

8 Minutes


Tell your bot about you, your business, your brand, and how you want it to interact with leads and clients.

5-10 Minutes


Chat with your InboundBot to make sure it's ready. Simulate conversations with AI across client scenarios.



Create a landing page for your bot that fits with you brand. Send it to your clients, link it on your site, use in your email footer, stick it on your socials.

Frequently asked questions

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Who is this for?
InboundBots is meant for business owners who want no fluff tools to speed up their business, and cut out busy work.
How are people using this?
For the most part, to save time nurturing leads (24/7) and answering low value inbound. However, you can setup your bot for any task in your business.
How does this fit into my existing flow?
Funnel your leads and clients through your socials, in your email footer, or anytime you need.
How does this differ from other tools?
InboundBots is meant for business owners who want no fluff tools to speed up their business, and cut out busy work.
What do I need to get started?
All you need is some basic info about your business and some links to send clients.

You are what you delegate.

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